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The Leader In Nationwide Multi-Family Construction Management

About Refresh Group: Elevating Multifamily Living Spaces Nationwide

Refresh Group stands as a distinguished nationwide construction management firm, specializing in the art of enhancing large-scale multifamily communities through comprehensive CAPEX renovations. With our wings spread across the country, we’re redefining the multifamily living experience in 15 states and beyond.

Our Reach: Transforming Multifamily Communities Coast to Coast

As a nationwide leader in construction management, Refresh Group is committed to transforming multifamily communities from coast to coast. With a current operational footprint spanning 15 states, our impact resonates in cities and neighborhoods across the nation. Our unique ability to adapt and thrive within diverse regional contexts sets us apart as a trusted partner for revitalizing living spaces

Expertise and Innovation: Crafting Visionary Multifamily Renovations

Harnessing a wealth of expertise in large-scale project management, Refresh Group excels in crafting visionary CAPEX renovations that breathe new life into multifamily properties. Our commitment to innovation means we’re not just building structures; we’re designing experiences. By merging cutting-edge design concepts, sustainable practices, and advanced construction methodologies, we create spaces that blend seamlessly with modern lifestyles.

A Collaborative Journey: Bringing Visions to Life

Our journey begins with collaboration. Refresh Group thrives on working hand in hand with property owners, stakeholders, and partners to realize shared visions. We understand the nuances of each region, allowing us to tailor our approach and solutions accordingly. From the initial concept to the final touch, our dedicated team ensures a smooth process, resulting in projects delivered on time, on budget, and exceeding expectations.

Multifaceted Portfolio: Making Dreams Reality

Refresh Group’s extensive portfolio reflects our prowess in transforming multifamily properties into stunning showcases. Whether it’s modernizing common areas, rejuvenating amenities, or reimagining interiors, our multifaceted expertise elevates resident experiences and property values alike. Apartments, condominiums, townhouses—our transformative touch knows no bounds.

Nationwide Presence:

With operations across 15 states, we’re the go-to partner for elevating multifamily living spaces on a grand scale.

Tailored Solutions:

Our deep insights into regional dynamics ensure solutions that resonate with the unique demands of each location.

Holistic Management:

Refresh Group oversees every facet of the renovation process, providing comprehensive management from inception to completion

Unyielding Quality:

Our unwavering commitment to quality guarantees spaces that are not only visually appealing but structurally exceptional.

From the East Coast to the West

Refresh Group’s reach extends to transform multifamily communities. Join us in shaping a future where living spaces are expressions of comfort, beauty, and innovation.

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